Shirley A. Yoshimoto

shirley crop 7.11Shirley’s Story

Shirley was born and raised on Oahu, and is the youngest of four children. After graduating from college, Shirley had the fortunate opportunity to pursue her interest in law, and join an estate planning law firm in Honolulu. In addition to estate planning, Shirley assisted with the firm’s estate litigation. It was truly heartbreaking for her to see clients and their family members in legal battles over inheritance, determining a loved one’s incapacity, and who should be appointed to serve as a loved one’s guardian or conservator. No matter what the outcome was, in the end, their relationships with each other were never the same. Shirley saw the heartache and problems that could occur without having a proper estate plan in place. As a result, her passion for estate planning developed, as she came to understand its immense value and the peace of mind it provides to clients.


Someone once said, “It’s not the number of family or friends, but the quality of relationships that sustains us.” Building and maintaining positive relationships with people have always been a priority in Shirley’s life. As such, Shirley is passionate about the work she does, as it helps clients preserve their family ties and values, as well as their assets. The sensitive issues that we address in estate planning are very personal, and clients should be met with care and compassion.


Shirley attended Hawaii Pacific University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Advertising. Thereafter, she joined Est8Planning Counsel, where she was mentored by Michelle M. M. Ogata, and simultaneously earned her Associate of Science degree through the Paralegal Program at Kapiolani Community College. Shirley has always admired Michelle’s work ethic, compassion for her field of law, and the personal bond she creates with every one of her clients. Because she has always taken a similar approach to her work, Shirley gladly welcomed the opportunity to work with Michelle again and join the Estate Planning Group family.


Shirley loves spending quality time with her family and friends, and enjoys surfing, fishing, and golfing in her spare time.




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