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At Estate Planning Group, our promise is your peace of mind. We are proud to follow through on this promise every day, and are continuously humbled by the kind words that our clients have for us.

If you are looking for someone patient, knowledgeable, competent and responsive, look no further. Michelle Ogata recently completed our estate plan from scratch, guiding us each step of the way, thoroughly discussing pros and cons, and helping us make very difficult decisions. Our previous attempt at estate planning was a disaster because the planner simply tried to fit us into one of the standard cookie-cutter forms. When we completed our process with Michelle, we felt absolutely confident and pleased with the customized results. And we signed up for the maintenance plan to re-visit our estate periodically to accommodate changes and perhaps rationale. We are true believers of the Estate Planning Group.

N. Kawachika

There is no shortage of lawyers and companies that can draft a trust for you. But if you’re like my husband and I, and was totally clueless about how trusts really work, then I highly suggest Estate Planning Group Hawaii. They offer free consultations either through group seminars or (as we did it) one on one with the lawyer. We met with Mr. Dean Park, one of the two lawyers in this office. He is very patient, friendly, knowledgeable, approachable AND available to us. He always got back to our calls or emails within the day, before and after we became his clients. And Mr. Park, on his own time, graciously met with us and our accountant so that we could all be on the same page. Nice! We interviewed a couple other lawyers before going with Estate Planning Group. Although these other firms cost less and were just as friendly and approachable we felt that Estate Planning group presented themselves extremely professionally and thoroughly. In the end, their affiliations & approach to estate planning best represented our family and what we were trying to accomplish. Estate planning is not for just the “rich” or entitled. If you have kids and/or a pot to piss in that you don’t want to be tied up in public probate for years, then I highly suggest you give these folks a call.

Elizabeth N.

I was very pleased with the service Michelle Ogata provided. She made sure that my specific wishes were included in my will and explained all the legalities in detail to me and my family. I now have peace of mind knowing that my preferences will be carried out to the letter, in full accordance with the law, and with the least amount of burden on my children after I’m gone. I have recommended Michelle Ogata’s firm to my friends and relatives as I feel she provides an important and valuable service. Peace of mind is priceless.

H. Lau

I was extremely pleased with the work that Michelle and her staff did for me. The final product was more than satisfactory. Not only was she able to undo a mess that another attorney had made, but she provided me with a complete plan that satisfied all my concerns and will make it easier for my children. Mahalo nuiloa!

K. Baldwin

Michelle was very professional and yet comfortable to work with. She explains the options for our situation and guided us appropriately.

H. Rau
H. Rau

Great service and excellent product. The process was fast and pleasant. Thanks for your help Michelle.

D. Stone

We first met Michelle at a seminar that she was the featured speaker. We were offered a free first consultation and decided to see if she would fit in with our expectation of an estate attorney. We were very pleased with her professionalism as well as her knowledge of the estate trust laws. Our original estate trust was quite dated so we decided to have it reviewed and updated by Michelle. She provided a lot of advice and recommendations using our input in restating our trust. She also agreed to review the trust with our adult children so that they would also know our wishes in the execution of our estate when the time came. Since then, I have recommended her to several other friends, family and neighbors who have used her services or who will be contacting her. In addition, she coordinated a seminar with speakers from a bank trust department that covered additional services they provide. As I wrote earlier, our original trust was not reviewed or updated since we first created it and we had not had any contact or request for review and update since that time. I am much more comfortable now, knowing that our trust is up to date with the current law as well as knowing that our plan for the distribution of our estate will follow our final wishes.

A Kawasaki
A. Kawasaki

I enjoyed working with Michelle and Shirley for they made it very comfortable in preparing a very thorough financial estate plan for my family. If there are any questions or changes, I will definitely be calling the Estate Planning Group. If anyone asks about estate planning, I will refer them to you. Thanks again for all the help.

G. Yamamoto

We were very satisfied and pleased with the services provided by Ms. Ogata. She explained everything in language we could understand and everything was organized to make our estate planning quite simple.

A. Nishita

Michelle is a wonderful attorney and took care of all my estate planning needs with professionalism and understanding. I highly recommend her to anyone needing to organize and finalize their estate. She provided me with peace of mind that legally my estate is in now in the best order for my children and family.

L. Ohashi

It was an eye-opening experience working with you and your firm. I learned a lot, to say the least. I can’t thank you enough for the work and time you put into ALL the paperwork

N. Pratt

The investment banker helping me had high praise for Michelle and said clients of his had good experiences with her. At my first appointment, I felt comfortable sharing financial and personal information with Michelle. She explained the estate trust in easily understood language and why is it differs from a will. Michelle then guided me through a series of questions that laid out the framework of the trust. In an hour and a half, we had established the direction I wanted to go and how to proceed. I am very pleased to be working with Michelle and feel free to call on her expertise when I need it. I plan on referring others to consult with Michelle for their estate planning questions.

J. Farley

I’m satisfied so far with the service that Michelle provided. She suggested different ways to set up my revocable living trust because I had little knowledge about trusts. She responded to my phone calls when I needed help with adding a property to my trust.

S. Kanuha

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