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At Estate Planning Group, our promise is your peace of mind. We are proud to follow through on this promise every day, and are continuously humbled by the kind words that our clients have for us.

I was very pleased with the trust and other legal documents that were done for me. Dean is very thorough, organized, and prompt to return phone calls and messages. He explained things in a way that was easy to understand. I would recommend him very highly.

James W.

Dean was thorough and did a good job explaining in layman terms, making it easier to understand some of the complicated terms. He responds in a timely manner. I would’ve preferred to have received my completed trust in person, however with the circumstances regarding Covid-19 and my shift work I cannot justify taking a star away. Overall very satisfied.

Jonathan G.

My wife and I recently completed our Estate planning with Dean. He is so easy to work with and very professional. We were pleasantly surprised how easy it was, we both said that we should’ve done this years ago. But then again we might not have found Dean.

We now have the peace of mind knowing that our daughter and our assets will be taken care of in way that we want, not the courts.

Dean N.

My friend used the services of Dean Park to write his final will. My friend passed away and I when to see D

Phil P.

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dean through Yelp. He’s professional, can explain real estate planning thoroughly and remained patient with my many questions.

I went to Dean to plan my estate. During the process, a personal setback occurred in my life which changed my planning substantially. Dean was not just understandable, he was supportive and empathetic with kind words.

He helped turned an incredibly stressful life event into a supportive situation. He truly cares~somewhat of a rarity! He’s a gem.

I strongly recommend Dean. He’s a professional who is trustworthy with your most private affairs.

CuriousKitt Y.

I’ve been meaning to start my estate planning and finally got around to doing it. I’m very fortunate that I found Dean. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Their rates are also very well priced and was pleased. Dean took the time to always answer my emails and phone calls even on a holiday. Thank you for giving me a piece of mind and a great experience. Highly recommend.

Charlie B.

Highly recommend everyone to see Dean. I now understand how important it is to have a trust and will in place, even at a young age! I’ve already been telling people about the experience my family and I had through our estate planning process. Dean was not pushy at all and helped us understand each component of our plan. This really made it easy for us to move forward with him.

Damien O.

I highly recommend Dean Park. I went to see him for help on my living trust. He was very professional to work with. His pricing is reasonable. He is smart, and truly cares about his clients. If you’re looking for someone trustworthy to help with estate planning bing go see Dean Park.

Jeannie C.

I met Dean at a retirement workshop. He answered two questions I had about estate planning thoroughly and honestly that by the time I left, I decided that I wanted to work with him to revise my estate documents.

He reviewed answered my questions, explained my options, and in explaining the cost shared my options in each level. His explanations were easy to understand.

In my last meeting, I had reschedule my appointment to sign my documents to accommodate my medical recovery off island. He scheduled my appointment when he wa going to be on Kauai. The day of our appointment he again accommodated me and met with me in my hospital room at the last minute.

I will recommend anyone to Dean. He is easy to work with, professional, and make a lengthy task simple. Thank you Dean!

Sharon A.

First I have to thank Dominique K. and Terry K. They have recommended me the best estate planning lawyer to our family. And this is why I love Yelp too. They give better recommendation than your friends or family. A friend did recommend a lawyer. After so many months later, we got a packet with massive paper to read and fill out along with $1000 deposit to start the estate planning. Okay, I don’t think that was the right way to start my planning with lawyer I’ve never met and how would you know if you would feel comfortable sharing my privacy.

Estate planning is one of those thing you have to do especially if you have children and you want them to be taken care of properly along with your assets. I’m not rich but my spouse and I like to plan my future as best as possible.

So, when I called Dean to inquire about estate planning, he briefly explained what to expect and what it was about. To be honest, I was clueless. A free consultation was made to meet with Dean. Okay, you have to meet the person first to get the feel first.

His office is located inside this blue building across from Macy’s Ala Moana. It’s the same building as Shokudo restaurant. Sorry, I don’t know the name of the building.

During our first meeting he answered all our questions and wonders about will, trust, and laws. He made everything crystal clear on what our family needs in case of sudden death or inevitable happens. Dean is easy to talk to and very professional. He’s appropriately friendly. I say that because you don’t want to forget that this isn’t food talk but serious life talk. And he doesn’t charge by hour so you can ask questions without pressure. Dean’s assistant is also a professional. She always called a couple of days before our appointment to confirm.

Anyhow, the whole process of our family getting our estate planning took about 4 meetings and each lasting about 30 to 40 minutes. Yes, we did spend some money but how can you put a price on peace of mind? We’re just so glad we found Dean to work with. If you have estate planning on your mind, give Dean a call

Joyce L.

This review is long overdue. Earlier this year my Mom and I met with Dean Park to set up our trusts. Having no knowledge of what we were about to do, Dean made us feel very comfortable and explained the process to us so that the normal person could understand. Dean was thorough, patient and kind. He is very approachable and easy to talk to.

If you are needing to set up a trust, go and see Dean to go over your options. His prices and package options are affordable for the service you get. Send him an email inquiry and you will get a phone call back from Dean himself.

Parking is plentiful and free, parking on the upper level of Ala Moana. Building access is clear and easy to find.

Thank you Dean for excellent service!!

Joely B.

With regard to Mr Park reaching out to me, I very much appreciated his kind offer to meet with me on 11/13, a Monday which he normally reserves for client work. He provided me a superb overview/presentation. It was indeed informative, succinct while done on a wonderfully personal level. Mr Park even recommended I keep my appointment with another attorney just so I could make a more informed choice. He also suggested, on a separate family concern, a recommendation which would be to our best interest rather than his.

Please note that based on Mr. Park reaching out to me today (11/7) and explaining the circumstance regarding my initial inquiry, I better understand his situation and have since revised by rating. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting with Mr. Park soon.


Indeed quite disappointing…after reading glowing reviews and a recommendation from a good friend who heard him speak at a seminar, I called Mr Park. However, I got his answering machine so i left a detailed message for a call back. That was this past Weds. As of today no return call still???

Wes S.

Dean was already 5 stars from 3 years ago when he helped my family with estate planning!!! I feel like we got much more than what we paid for. His attention to detail and clarifying things in order not to miss anything was outstanding! The timeline he gave for when things would be ready was on target. Just the other day, I called him regarding for advice on how a significant life event and inquired what that would mean for the estate plan. I left a message at his office after hours, thinking he would return my call the following day. He called me back within 20 minutes and provided great direction!

Peace of mind is important and that’s what I have as a result of choosing Dean!!!

Wendy C.

Dean was so great to work with – made the entire process really easy for us. I had been putting off setting up a trust for our kids because it seemed daunting and time consuming but it was anything but that. I highly recommend Dean!

Suzi D.

This is my first experience making plans for what is inevitable. Attorney Dean Park made it so simple, explained everything in detail & made us feel at ease. I highly recommend Estate planning & highly recommend Attorney Park. I live on another island, but he flew over quite often to meet with us & answer many of our questions. Don’t hesitate to call him!!!

Lylas U.

I reached out to Dean Park via a web form on the Estate Planning Group’s website. Not having worked with a lawyer to develop estate planning documents prior to this, I was curious as to what the price range would be. Mr. Park replied via email and then quickly returned my phone call. He shared his rates with me over the phone, and being comfortable with that, my husband and I decided to meet with Mr. Park for an initial consultation (no charge). He went through the entire estate planning process, the various documents, and why it was important to have these documents drawn up…and some of the negative processes we may have to endure if we didn’t. He also identified a number of issues and considerations that we had not thought about. I found Dean Park to be very responsive, his fees to be reasonable, and completely comfortable answering our questions.

Holly S.

I met with Dean Park today and although I couldn’t retain him due to the complications on my part, Dean gave me recommendations to hopefully someone who can. You can tell that Dean is one of the good guys. I appreciate his honesty. He’s a person of integrity and that is one of the best qualities an attorney should have.

Bailey G.

My husband and I decided it was time to set up a trust, but we both were very clueless on how to start the process. Who would we speak to about this? That’s when we saw an ad in the newspaper, “free living trust seminar” so we decided to attend to get more information. After attending the seminar, I felt like i wanted to seek additional information from another source so that’s when I went on yelp. I read all the reviews of Dean and was very impressed by all the positive feed back so I decided to see for myself. Dean is genuine he’s the real deal. He is exactly what everyone is talking about. We felt very comfortable and informative. We are so very happy that we put our trust in Dean. Now we can live with a peace of mind knowing that our children will be taken care of in the event something should happen to us.
Much Mahalo Dean and his outstanding staff!

Valerie L.

So happy I came here. I was a bit apprehensive at first because I didn’t think I’d really understand the process, but Dean made the whole process so smooth. He explains everything so thoroughly.
Now I have such a bid weight that’s lifted of my shoulders knowing if something should ever happen, they’ll be taken cared of! Mahalo Dean and Staff.
I recommend anyone who might be on the fence or looking to get your trust done, go see Dean first.

Shai C.

My husband and I finally got around to making our living will and went to see Dean Park. Dean makes the process very streamlined and easy to do. During our first visit he explained what a living trust was and answered our questions. We felt comfortable with him so we also decided to move forward with making our trust during that time. We went through all the details of what we wanted with Dean’s guidance and we had our rough draft complete in about an hour. We had to make a return visit to sign everything. Dean is an expert on making living trusts and he is a true professional. The process was fast and efficient.

Lori H.

Thorough, efficient, knowledgeable, and compassionate. Highly recommend for your estate planning needs.

Dani U.

Estate Planning is really complicating when researching on your own. Dean is genuinely a really nice down to earth guy. I would recommend him to anyone looking for Estate Planning. He will take good care of you and what you need to get done.

Neal O.

We were introduced to Dean Park by a co-worker who highly recommended we at least have an initial conversation with Dean about the estate planning process and our needs. After our initial conversation (via Zoom) it was abundantly clear we needed a plan to protect our family. Dean made the process extremely easy to transact and as much that could be done digitally, we did.

Dean’s thoroughness and well-designed questions made sure we got the plan that fit our needs and included all of the important decisions we need to have made at some point hopefully way, way down the road.
While it’s not a inexpensive engagement, it’s definitely well worth it in peace of mind and so much less expensive than going to probate court.

If you’re even kicking around the idea of getting an estate plan, do yourself a favor and have the first conversation to get some questions answered and a better idea of the different pricing plans to fit your needs.

Mark C.

As my wife and I enter our elder years in this world we now live in, our Estate Planning has become clear it needed to be our top priority. We knew procrastinating on the assumed dreaded process is a risk we should no longer be taking. Referred by multiple people and watching his online seminars, we knew Dean Park is what we were looking for. Dean’s presentation was very detailed and made Estate planning painless. We now have peace of mind knowing that when we are gone our boys will have a clear direction of what to do, and also knowing that our assets are being distributed per our wishes.

Jacki L.

Dean was very helpful with helping my wife and I set up our estate planning. He explained every little detail and if we had any questions, he was more than happy to answer them. If anyone was thinking of getting their will or trust made, look no further! The staff over there was very friendly and Dean made the process a breeze.

T H.

COVID-19 has made more and more of us think about our mortality. Before meeting Dean we watched a video about the importance of planning ahead. It was very informative and solidified our plan to protect our loved ones.

Dean is very easy to work with and is always willing to answer our questions. He established a good rapport with us and made the planning process painless.

We did all of the planning virtually and when we finally met Dean in person to review our trust he went into it with detail and made sure we felt comfortable every step of the way. I feel a lot more at ease after working with Dean and secure in our future.

Devin O.

Dean is organized, friendly, and upfront. You have a good sense of why you’re doing what you decide to do. Estate planing becomes very doable. He offers choices. You can meet with him virtually or face to face. If you haven’t gotten around to doing this you should at least have a consultative meeting so that you are aware of why this is important.

Laurie L.

My husband and I have been discussing the need to create an estate plan due to our “blended” family. We were referred to Dean by our Financial Advisor and we are very thankful for the referral. The consultation was very informative and Dean spoke in terms we could understand. Dean made the process extremely easy, he was very detailed, answered all of our questions and helped us resolve all the small issues/details. It’s true that having done an estate planning gives us a peace of mind. Yes, it can be costly but making the decision to protect our hard earned interest for our children’s future is worth it as they will not have to deal with the court system. Thank you Dean!!!

Sheila P.

Dean was a great help in building our Trust and helping us to understand the process and how it works. Super smooth and easy working with him. Only had to go into his office once for final signing and was able to do everything else via calls which was preferred and convenient for us. Thank you!!

Krista M.

Dean is legit!!! Posted a five-star review on his company’s Yelp site – Estate Planning Group.

Very knowledgeable but also- informative, great recommendations, quickly completed, and isn’t just cookie-cutter documents. He takes all your concerns into consideration, asks important questions and offers solid advice. Another plus is his nice offices that are easily accessible and free parking.

Mahalo, Dean!

Suzie A.

Was desperate to find an estate planning attorney to take care of my mom’s paperwork while I was in town. Found Dean Park on Yelp, of course.

Most if not all attorneys are crazy busy. I think it’s a given. But I told Dean my circumstances, being that I was only on island for a couple weeks, and he found space to squeeze us in for a signing.

Friendly guy, he also offered a free initial Zoom consult. Final signing was painless, and we were out in less than an hour. Great rates too. Give this firm a ring!

Kris P.

Dean put together a trust for me after I was trying to use a software program on my own. All I can say is, definitely let a professional do it for you and if nothing else, at least talk to him first. You won’t be disappointed.

Hoku A.

Dean was not able to take my case due to his current work load but was kind enough to give me his opinion and referrals.

Jon C.

I had a trust but it was done years ago. Thank goodness I went to see Dean because it outdated and some of the laws have changed. Dean is very personable, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He took the time to sit with me and explain everything very clearly. I highly recommend him.

Karen S.

My husband has been dragging his feet with getting our trust done. I sat in a webinar presented by Dean Park and it was extremely clear that if we didn’t get the trust(s) done- things would get costly and it would take a long time to get matters settled.
When we met face to face – Dean was patient and concise in answering our questions. He did not try to sell us an expensive /unnecessary plan. Dean is honest and will take care of your estate planning needs in a highly efficient and timely manner. We highly recommend Dean Park for your estate planning.

Pam G.

I came to Dean to set up my LRT. He was very efficient, punctual and a pleasure to work with. He explained everything to me very clearly and made the whole process much simpler than thought it would be. Despite all the COVID craziness, I got my LRT in hand within a few weeks.

Randall S.

t is difficult when money comes into the picture. It can get ugly, even within families. The handling of an estate takes planning. If you are to take this on yourself there are many unforseen pitfalls that are not apparent in every resource you may touch upon dealing with the situation. Luckily, that’s not necessary.

I settled on Dean Park after meeting a handfull of Estate Planners. He explained the different options of Estate planning. He suggested an Irrevocable Living Trust would best serve our needs. I understood everything he said. It was easy to ask questions. I did not feel belittled.
With that we were able to make the necessary decisions that became the body of the trust.

In coming back to pick up the finalized Trust documents, Dean again thoroughly explained each section, listed the steps to be carried out to complete the Trust. I left that day confident all our bases were covered.

Recently, the trust now has become the governing document to handling the estate. I am so glad we had this done. Now we know what needs to be done. I basically follow the steps through. Differences are easily settled with Dean and the Trust. If this wasn’t in place I know I would have a major headache. It makes me wonder about everyone else who does not have some sort of instrument in place, and is it the correct one.

This is a step in your life you want to make sure is taken and covered before it’s too late. It’s well worth it. If you need these services, my recommendation goes to Dean Park, a man you can trust and will not gauge you. It’s a fair deal.

Mel B.

Dean did a presentation at my dad’s place of employment- the Audio Visual Company. My dad ended up working with Dean for estate planning. Dean was very easy to work with and took the time to explain everything thoroughly. Convenient location as well. Ron H. from Mililani thanks you 🙂

Jenn T.

Dean helped me and my loved one with our estate planning needs. Now we have peace of mind. He explained things thoroughly to us and helped us to make informed decisions.

Leanne H.

Very thorough! Answered all of our questions and explained the benefits of estate planning and the consequences that will occur if one is not in place. He gave us and my family peace of mind. Highly recommended!

Michelle B.


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